A downloadable game

Challenge a friend to play one of 8 minigames in split-screen-mode on one device.

Includes 8 games:

Car racing game
Drive your car, avoid barriers and reach the finish line at first.

Maze game
Walk through the maze, collect coins and find the finish flag

Sort objects by color being faster than your opponent.

Tap on the randomly arranged numbers in the right order as fast as you can.

Tic-Tac-Toe (3-in-a-Row)
Both players place their symbols on an empty field alternately. Get 3 symbols in a row to win the game.

Clicker game
Click as fast as possible and collect treasure chests to receive as many points as possible.

Lamp codes
Turn the 8 lights on/off to fulfill the given pattern to pass the levels.

Move your paddle to return the ball and to get points.

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